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Learn How to Leverage HubSpot's SEO Tool and Google PageSpeed Insights

If you haven't used HubSpot's SEO tool or Google PageSpeed Insights you're missing out on some critical recommendations to make your website faster and more accessible in search engines. Most of the recommendations are technical so they will need to be done by a skilled developer but there are some content recommendations that can be done by someone familiar with the HubSpot page editor.

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How to Give Constructive Development Feedback to a HubSpot Developer

Have you ever thought about how to provide constructive feedback to your website developer? The process of providing your feedback can make all the difference in how well your HubSpot website objectives are met and how well your project stays with its timeline and budget.

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Why the HubSpot WordPress Plugin is a Game Changer

If your current site is already on WordPress you can still benefit from the value HubSpot can provide in your marketing efforts. Learn how the HubSpot WordPress plugin can help you boost your website value.

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Designing Forms For Lead Generation

I had a mentor a few years ago who said something that really stuck with me. He said, "all money flows through forms". This was so simple and so obvious that I didn't understand the implications at first. Instead of looking at forms as static elements on par with other page elements, this statement implies that forms are THE most important element. Of  course, the content goes hand in hand with forms - if you don't have the content people want they won't be using your forms - but the ideal user flow culminates in some sort of form submission. Below, I outline three design concepts to elevate your form design and improve form submission rates.

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3 Custom Module Guidelines Your HubSpot Developer Should Be Following

When we approach projects that require custom modules (hint: most projects do), we consider the end users AND the content editors. We not only have to build a module that correctly displays the content to the end user, we also have to consider how our module displays to content editors in the page editor.

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HubSpot Custom Modules: Leverage 'Help' text and boolean fields

As dedicated HubSpot developers, one of our main goals is to produce the best possible content editing experience, not just for us as we're building out the site, but for whoever comes along in the future to edit content.

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Inbound Design Studio is now Inbound Design Partners!

That's right - we have exciting news that we've officially changed our company name to Inbound Design Partners! 

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HubSpot website launch: 'Go-Live' checklist

When you're finally done with development and the launch date is just around the corner, it's always a good idea to do a final review before going live.

Invest some time in the review but don't overthink it - a few hours should be sufficient.

The obvious review process will split responsibilities between the frontend and the backend and depending on the scope of the project, it might be a good idea to expand on these categories to ensure a thorough review.

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When NOT to use HubSpot call to action buttons

We all want analytics on EVERYTHING - Views, Click Rate, Clicks, Submission Rate, Submissions. However, how do you determine the best practices for when to use HubSpot call to action buttons and when NOT to use HubSpot call to action buttons?

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What 'mixed content' is and how it can affect your HubSpot website

Take yourself back to high school. Your parents are out of town so of course you're going to invite some friends over. Maybe you'll have some pizza and watch Adam Sandler movies (the ones from the 90s when he actually cared about being funny).

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How to become a HubSpot developer

Any agency that specializes in HubSpot development will tell you it’s hard to find folks with the right skillset.  HubSpot has grown quite a bit in the past few years but it’s still a “David” to the WordPress Goliath (a much more expensive David but a David nonetheless). However, I can tell you from firsthand experience that the demand for HubSpot developers is growing fast. I don’t know that I can say the same for WordPress. In short, this is a great time to get the skills needed to help fill the talent void.

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Creating HubSpot modules for portability

When I first started out, I created the same HubSpot module over and over again because I didn't structure it in a way that would make it easily portable between portals. Lesson learned.

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Content editing in HubSpot: Plain Text vs. Rich Text

Ah, yes, the age-old dilemma of plain text field vs. rich text field. A question almost as important as "paper or plastic" but without the environmental implications.If you've ever built out templates or created custom modules in HubSpot you've undoubtedly come across this issue.

Ultimately, this decision relies heavily on the end user's desired involvement. If they're more "hands off", the best solution might be a plain text field. If the end user wants more control and flexibility, a rich text field is the obvious choice. This is where it pays off to do a little planning before development.

Consider the end user's preference when choosing text fields.

Of course, there are obvious downsides to using rich text fields. Inline styling is not considered "best practice" and generally avoided outside development.

Also, if the end user isn't familiar with a rich text editor they may need training and the chances of them disrupting the design layout greatly increase.

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Create a custom Call-to-Action button in Powerpoint

This is a brief tutorial on how to create custom call-to-action buttons in Microsoft Powerpoint.

Under the Insert option on the top menu click the Shapes dropdown.  There are a ton of different shapes.  For this tutorial, we are choosing Rounded Rectangle which shows in the Recently Used as well as Rectangles.

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