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10 Landing Page Best Practices for B2B Engagement

Landing pages are a powerful but often overlooked tool in B2B marketing. In an industry where many, if not most customers need managed accounts rather than buying off the rack, landing pages are the essential step between advertisement and conversion. B2B clients need more than a product listing to form a new vendor or provider partnership, and often require further research before even beginning the process. Your landing pages can serve as niche and targeted service pages, special offer details, or simple content conversions for lead-generating downloadables.

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How will voice search change your HubSpot website design?

Artificial intelligence has already made an impact within our lives, whether we realize how much or not. Siri can use voice to listen to and respond to a message coming through our hands free sets in the car, allowing for a safer driving experience. Instead of asking the locals in Italy (for the few of us that don't know Italian) you can ask for directions, instead. Or, in the case of small business, consumers can now ask for the products they love the most through voice search.

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The Key to a Successful Ad Campaign: A Successful Landing Page

Landing pages are vitally important to the success of your inbound marketing strategy as they foster a positive relationship with your new customer from first click. A landing page in and of itself is a simple concept: A page that exists on your website for the sole purpose of providing your potential customer with additional information relevant to the link that led them there.

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