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B2B Website Design: 7 Key Elements of a Good B2B Service Page

An effective B2B website design brings the right traffic to your company's website and engages visitors with informative content that keeps them on your website for longer ultimately, converting visitors to high-quality leads and those leads into high-value sales. 

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How to Design a Better Blog

You are the proud owner of a B2B website, serving as your virtual platform for both your current and future clients. Your homepage and service pages, naturally, serve as the body of your website. However, your blog is a unique place just for customers and leads. Here is your well of inbound marketing content, your newsletter updates, and also any knowledge base you have accumulated through practical content over the months or years that you have been publishing. 

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Tips for Improving Your Website Design

Do you want more leads for your business? Of course, you do! To generate more leads from your website, you need to make sure you have a website design that is effective in capturing them. 

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How to Choose the Right Stock Photo

Stock photos: a necessary evil AND a fundamental marketing tool on your website. No doubt you’ve seen the cheesy end of the spectrum: people with wide, toothy smiles looking directly at the camera while…sitting in a dentist chair? Or what about those business stock photos where the model is holding random pie charts while others in the “meeting” are exclaiming in disbelief or giving thumbs up.

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