When NOT to use HubSpot call to action buttons

Melissa Roberge Melissa Roberge
July 22, 2019   |   2 min read time

We all want analytics on EVERYTHING - Views, Click Rate, Clicks, Submission Rate, Submissions. However, how do you determine the best practices for when to use HubSpot call to action buttons and when NOT to use HubSpot call to action buttons?

While it might see easy to just set every button up as a HubSpot CTA button, believe it or not, there is reasoning for why this might not be the best set up. To help you understand and be able to assess the reasoning for your individual needs, it's best to break down the reasoning in to 2 different perspectives - marketing and technical.

Marketing Perspective

From a marketing perspective, it makes sense to track everything. Information is power and the more we know about users' actions on your web pages, the better. From this perspective, it makes sense to set up EVERYTHING that is clickable as a HubSpot CTA - buttons, links, images. 

hubspot call to action button

Technical Perspective

From a technical perspective, however, we've found that one of the biggest load time issues (that are easily fixable) that our clients have issues with is overuse of HubSpot CTA buttons. For some clients, removing the majority of their HubSpot CTA buttons greatly improved their site load times.

Why does removing HubSpot CTA buttons improve site speed?

This is because HubSpot automatically inserts an jquery file (.js) whenever a new CTA button is added to a page. If you use a lot of buttons on one page, it will inevitably start to slow down your load time rankings. Therefore, from a technical perspective it is better to only use HubSpot CTA buttons when absolutely necessary.

How do you assess 'absolutely necessary'?

Our standard practice is to only set up HubSpot CTA buttons when it leads to an actual conversion/landing page. If the link/button is only leading users to other interior site pages, we will typically just set up a standard link or styled button as the analytics for this isn't as imperative (especially if clients are using Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager) and site load time becomes more important.

How is your site structured currently? Is your site optimized for the best load time?

As we outlined above, the first step should be to reassess your use of HubSpot CTA buttons. Removing unnecessary HubSpot tracked CTA buttons could greatly improve your site load time - especially for sites which are already optimized from a coding perspective.

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