We are HubSpot developer ninjas.

It takes a lifetime of experience to become HubSpot developer ninjas, but look out, we’re laying some serious hurt on COS inefficiencies, and taking care to stealthily implement new tools.

HubSpot’s ever-evolving COS adds new tools to increase the value of the service to its clients. However, it doesn’t always sync with an easier application for editing code or implementing new content. Utilize our ninja-like skills to help your company continue to hone your message and let your customers know you’re the perfect solution.

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Certified developers

Certified developers responsive to your needs

Responsive design is implemented to make sure that users can use both monitors and mobile devices, without having any branding issues.

We tailor the HubSpot COS to fit any device, while still providing the most important pieces of information to your clients.

This year alone, American mobile users are expected to be looking at non-voice mobile media up to 3 hours and 23 minutes a day. That’s a lot of time they could spend on your site. It increases the need for your site to be responsive.

Utilizing the HubSpot COS, it’s our goal to make sure that best practices are utilized to engage your audience.

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Development of client designs

A ninja doesn’t always work alone.

A designer can have a lot of experience, but still can’t know every code to every platform. They change, too.

No matter the stage of your HubSpot implementation, we can help your team develop a design that is sure to wow your users and clients.

“We have solid HTML experience in-house, but have never worked with the HubSpot COS. We contacted IDS and they quickly took our HTML and transformed it into COS templates. Very seamless experience and we will definitely be working with them in the future as we add new templates to our site.”

- Chris Capistran, The Cobalt Co.

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