The challenge.

TABS Analytics is a technology-enabled analytics firm that’s been serving the consumer packaged goods industry since 1998. After purchasing PivotStream in 2017, another company in their industry, they had the need to seamlessly represent both companies on their website. PivotStream's representation was to be a product, or division of, TABS Analytics. They needed a visual way to represent this throughout their site so it was obvious and inclusive to both TABS and PivotStream users that the companies had merged together.

Pivotstream a division of TABS Analytics

Our approach.

TABS Analytics was initially unsure how to represent the merging of PivotStream into the TABS company online. It was the first time they had purchased a company and there was a strong need for PivotStream users to not feel lost or misdirected on TABS' website. Through many conversations with the client, we were able to establish the framework behind what the company merge meant internally to TABS/PivotStream as well as how to best represent both companies on their website.

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- Robert Baldwin | VP Marketing, TABS Analytics

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It’s about strategizing.

We helped TABS Analytics to create a path for PivotStream users to easily find appropriate information through a Homepage banner promotion and a custom navigation mega menu which was divided by TABS vs PivotStream products and features. We also crafted an updated PivotStream logo, which mentioned the company as a 'division of' TABS Analytics, to visually educate the user of the company merge. Each PivotStream webpage was analyzed before being migrated to TABS' site to make sure it made sense for the user and optimized their experience, and ultimately helped optimize for conversions.

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The result.

TABS Analytics now has a seamless user experience on their website for not just TABS customers, but their newly acquired company, PivotStream's, customers as well. When two companies merge together there is a lot of thought and analyzing that needs to go into how to visually best represent the merge to both companies' customers and make sure there isn't any confusion or misdirection. Our research and strategizing conversations with the client helped to create a simple and streamlined process for TABS' newly acquired company, PivotStream's, customers to easily engage and convert as new leads on TABS' website.

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