Recruitics: Resource Center Upgrade

Project Details:

With a Marketing Resource center boasting over 60 resources, including guides, webinars, videos, and case studies, Recruitics had a valuable asset for lead generation. However, it was increasingly difficult to manage as each resource was a separate website page and each resource item had to be manually created for their Resource listing page.

To tackle this, we migrated all the resources to a HubDB table and leveraged HubSpot's dynamic pages functionality. This allowed for centralized management of all resources in one table, with each individual resource page automatically created based on table row data. Our solution effectively reduced the time they spent on maintenance and growing their resource center.



  • Custom HubDB table with dynamic pages functionality 
  • Content filters and keyword search
  • Launch support and training

Resource Center - before 😥

Updating and managing the resource center was a daunting task for Recruitics as each resource item had to be manually inserted on the Resource listing page using a custom module. This not only consumed a lot of time but was also confusing for content editors. 



Resource Center - after 😊

Thanks to our implementation, Recruitics can now easily update their resource center with the help of a custom HubDB table featuring dynamic pages functionality. This table not only renders the Resource listing page but also each individual resource page, making maintenance a breeze.