The challenge.

Resolute Legal is one of Canada’s most respected law firms when dealing with long-term disability applications and suits. They have prided themselves on their expert knowledge of the Canadian disability system and their approachable demeanor. We wanted to capture that approachable feel and merge with their breadth of knowledge.


Our process in action.

We believe in fully understanding our client’s industry and customers before getting started on design. We became pseudo paralegals for Resolute Legal during the design phases of the project. Through conversations with the client and industry research we were able to craft the ideal blend of friendliness and expert knowledge that Resolute Legal was known for.

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“Our initial vision was to have a website that was an informational resource as well as a conversion tool. We wanted a design that would enable us to implement Hubspot's pillar page and topic content model. Inbound Design Partners effectively brought this vision to life with an effective design strategy in an organized process. We're very proud of our new site!”

- David Brannen | Founder, Resolute Legal


It’s about impact.

We worked intimately with Resolute Legal to understand their demographic and personas. Our goal was to capture the emotions that a client would be going through on their journey into long-term disability. From the stress of leaving work, the discovery of information to the quiet confidence that comes with expert legal counsel.

Each image, color and placement was scrutinized to deliver an impeccable experience. An experience that makes an impact.

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The result.

The culmination of our industry research and close relationship with Resolute Legal was a powerful website that put the customer at ease. Transitioning from full-time work to disability is a tough move to make full of uncertainty, but with Resolute Legal’s team of attorneys to light the way, you can put those fears to rest. This imagery, copy, colors and ease of use all help worried and nervous clients navigate the information and finally feel at ease knowing they have the right counsel.

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