6 Workflow Ideas for Keeping Your HubSpot CRM Clean & Organized

Anabeth McConnell Anabeth McConnell
January 21, 2020   |   2 min read time

We know when multiple people and departments are working in your HubSpot portal things can get a little messy. Consider some of these ideas for cleaning up your HubSpot CRM.

infographic workflow for clean HS CRM

Idea #1:

Set your Lead Status from “unknown” to open (or new).

Enrollment Criteria: Contact property Lead Status is unknown

Benefit: Provides the foundation for creating separate queues - one for brand new leads and one for neglected leads.

Idea #2:

Lead Status changed to “In Progress” when a lead is contacted

Enrollment Criteria: Contact property Lead Status is equal to Open and the contact property Last Contacted is known.

Benefit: When activity is logged on the contact record, will automatically change the Lead Status to “In Progress”

Idea #3 - Automatically Assign Leads for Timely Follow-Ups

Enrollment Criteria: Contact property HubSpot Owner is unknown

Benefit: Although mapping out how leads will be assigned, this step will boost not only your revenue by connecting with a lead when they’re “hot” but also increase your customer experience when they realize you’re ready to help in a timely manner.

Check out: HubSpot's method of setting up the automated lead rotation in your HubSpot CRM.

Idea #4- Use HubSpot’s Data Clean Up Recipe

Enrollment Criteria: Navigate to “Workflows” and select “Workflow Recipes.” Choose the “Data Cleanup recipe, then add and customize for your business.

Benefit: A pre-designed workflow to help “clean up” the fake data submitted

Idea #5 - Ensure Your Team Keeps in Touch WIth Potential Leads

Enrollment Criteria: Contact property Last Contacted is more than “##” weeks ago. Create the task Check-in with lead and assign to HubSpot Owner

Benefit: You never want to leave money on the table. A lead may not have been ready to convert at first contact, but until you get that “final no,” keep your team on task for getting to that “Yes.”

Idea #6 - Get Notified When A Potential Lead Visits a Key Page

Enrollment Criteria: Contact has visited a key page - set up lead revisit notifications in HubSpot. Add action to send internal email to HubSpot Owner

Benefit: Knowing when a potential lead is moving from the “awareness” stage to the decision stage is valuable. When they visit a page that is an indicator of “consideration” or “decision,” receiving notification of this action allows you to quickly follow up and boost up your nurturing sequence.

HubSpot provides many options for owners looking to streamline their lead generation techniques. Learn  how to design and build an automatic email template to help improve your revenue and create a more effective way to reach out and connect with your potential clients.

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