Encourage the Decision Stage with HubSpot's CTA Functionality

Anabeth McConnell Anabeth McConnell
July 5, 2021   |   3 min read time

With HubSpot’s CTA functionality, you can personalize, test, and optimize your call to action to convert more of your visitors into qualified leads.

A call to action (CTA) can be part of a webpage, advertisement, or another piece of content that encourages the audience to perform an action such as download an eBook, register for an event or webinar, or schedule a discovery call. Ideally, CTAs should be developed to encourage a visitor on your website to become a marketing lead through downloads or registration or a sales lead such as scheduling a call

Some examples of the types of CTAs you may see are:

  • Sign up. In this type of CTA, the audience is usually invited to sign up for a free trial, an online course, a future event, or maybe a software product.
  • Subscribe. This CTA usually doesn’t commit a person to purchase, but instead invites them to receive updates from the company. These CTAs are popular on blogs.
  • Try for Free. Many companies offer a free trial for their product or service. This CTA allows for people to demo a product before deciding if the cost is worth it to them.
  • Get started. This can be used for various behaviors, from a free trial to an experience.
  • Learn More. This type of call to action is used more to encourage a visitor on your site to dig a little deeper into your website by leading them to other pages. This helps especially for those in the awareness stage who are still trying to figure out what their problem is and how your company may be able to help. This sets them up to be more purchase once they’ve moved through the consideration stage into the decision stage.
  • Join us. If you manage an online community, your product is built on collaboration, or maybe you’re hosting an event, you can use this CTA.

With HubSpot’s CTA builder, you can create professional-looking CTA buttons and pop-ups in seconds. You can insert CTAs into web pages, landing pages, blog posts, and emails easily. 

And, what’s even better - you’re able to tailor your calls-to-action to individual visitors with Smart CTAs. You can display customized buttons to your potential customers based on data stored in your HubSpot contacts database (industry, lifecycle stage, etc.), or based on things like their location, device, referral source, and preferred language. Having the ability to dynamically display the most relevant and effective CTAs helps to move leads further down your funnel.

Another amazing advantage with the HubSpot CTA buttons is they supply you with metrics, so you can analyze your button performances. You also have the ability to A/B test your button and export the performance data for more in-depth analysis.

Tracking analytics is a great way to determine where your leads are coming from and what they are interested in on your website and emails.

There are a couple of things to consider when using HubSpot’s CTA button functionality:

  • When a user clicks on the CTA and is redirected to a page, the URL shows a long string of numbers and characters - this is the tracking code used for analytics purposes. For most, this isn’t a big deal, but for some people it’s unappealing.
  • CTAs may also contribute to slowing down your site if multiple CTA buttons are used on a single page.

While there isn’t a solution to eliminating the URL appearance of the tracking code or preventing how CTAs contribute to page load speeds, the best option is to ensure you’re using a CTA button for the items you’re actually interested in tracking.

Still want more? In HubSpot, a call to action doesn’t need to be just a button. You have the ability to create a text link call to action or even an image-based call to action. Gone are the days when a webpage was filled with buttons - now you can create a more aesthetically pleasing layout but still keep the tracking ability for each call to action. In fact, testing out whether a button, text, or image call to action encourages more clicks is a great way to boost conversions.

Your website has a main objective - get a potential lead to do business with you. Creating an enticing call to action that makes getting on a call with you an easy decision is a surefire way to boost your company’s revenue!

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