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Watch this video for a basic tutorial on how to create a form in your HubSpot portal.

If this video doesn't cover all your questions on HubSpot forms reach out to us. We can help!



Let’s create a form!

Go up to our Marketing Portal

Select Lead Capture and go to Forms. 

Go ahead and create a new form here.

For this example, we’re going to keep it pretty basic. We’re just going to go with a regular form. 

Hubspot actually provides a handful of templates we can use here just for ease and for quickness. 

If the field that you want is not in here, don’t worry. 

Find the field that matches what you need the most and then go ahead and click start. We’ll edit it here.

Here are the fields we currently have, as well as additional fields we can add, like City. We can also place them next to each other if that makes sense for you. 

Now, within the dropdowns here are additional options. 

GDPR is a pretty hot topic right now if you want to add that. If you have a lot of international visitors coming, it’s kind of nice to safeguard it anyway. 

Then, if the field you’re looking for, the information that you’re trying to get from your users is not available already, here are the different types of fields you can create. We’ll do a single checkbox.

And then, see, that’s already been implemented here. 

Within here, you can actually change your labelings to what you’re seeing in here, as well as any additional text that might help your user a little bit more. 

You can choose to have this check by default or not. Let me go ahead and click publish.

You can go ahead and copy and paste these into your HubSpot page that you want to implement in your form. 

Or, I’d say the easiest way is to go to all your forms... Or actually to go to your page and implement it through the page by adding a module. 

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Austin Walker
Post by Austin Walker
October 8, 2019
Pulling analytical data from the HubSpot platform is Austin's favorite pastime! He loves to see which pages are performing the worst and the best and continues to massage the elements for continual site improvements.