4 Important Videos to Make You a Better Marketing Manager

Austin Walker Austin Walker
November 30, 2017   |   3 min read time

Marketing moves really quickly. So how, as marketers, do we make sure that we capture the right trend, and are available and ready for consumers when they're looking where our content is provided?

The truth is, there is no perfect answer. However, the videos provided in this blog post are sure to make you both consider what next moves you need to make as a marketing manager, as well as what your team needs to be doing in order to capture the attention of your consumers.

Here are 4 important videos that will make you a better marketing manager:

We're All in Marketing: What Evolution Tells Us About Advertising with Ethan Decker

Nature can tell us a lot about what effective advertising means. As far as Ethan Decker is concerned, it happens to be in different forms, whether it's through deception or attraction. He explains that, although, marketing can be broken down into science, it's actually nature that prompts us to respond and not to respond to certain things.

When it comes to marketing in ways that are effective, he explains how with certain products or services, it makes sense to have one type of advertising, over another.

"What matters most in life is in the invisible, but we use the visible to grasp it." Advertising isn't evil, it's nature.

The Next Stage in Sales, Marketing and Communication with Wes Schaeffer

Wes Schaeffer quotes Winston Churchill in that "the farther back you can look, the farther forward we are likely to see," and spends the beginning of the video looking back on what impact sales had on society even back into the babylonian times up to the present day.

However, he also points out that with where we are in sales, marketing, and communication right now, shows us where it's going to be in the near future. 

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HubSpot has a unique way of taking advantage of the present generational trends, where consumers are likely to engage in community-driven things and giving back. Users of HubSpot and its methodology are now giving back to the community and helping others to help gain trust.

In this time, in order to be influential, we need to actually engage and help. 

12 Secrets of Marketing, and You Won't Believe What Happens Next with Naimul Huq

Create, share, add some sort of magic, then profit. 

Naimul goes through 12 important steps of marketing that help to impact consumer choices and how companies can use each of these steps to encourage customer interaction.

Although he goes into highlighting just four steps of what really going on in the process that helps a consumer push through a funnel, he really emphasizes more in-depth on what marketers and marketing managers must take advantage of in order to create a sale.

The Future of Marketing, From Plato to Bill Hicks with Sean Dromgoole

Sean first opens with comedian Bill Hicks, who says that if you are a marketer, you should do yourself and the world a favor and kill yourself. As dismal as that sounds, the speakers recovers in pointing out ways that, in fact, marketing and advertising are what help people get along with their lives in different points of history.

These videos may be a little longer, they each have a great message to help marketing managers capture what trends aren't necessarily already set, but what the past has told us is going to propel your clients into success in the future.

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