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If you haven't addressed your SEO debt or don't have a plan in place to deal with ongoing SEO issues, your web presence is falling behind. 

We specialize in addressing HubSpot technical SEO issues that can adversely affect your rankings and page performance. We'll run multiple audits to determine the issues and provide a solution plan that will get you back on track.

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The Details
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The Details

We use a combination of Google PageSpeed Insights, HubSpot's SEO tool and other 3rd party software tools to find out what needs to be fixed.

These are typical recommendations that we implement to improve your page performance:

  • Optimize images for web
  • Lazy load images below the fold
  • Remove unnecessary tracking scripts
  • Remove unused 3rd party scripts
  • Move jQuery to the footer
  • Replace and remove FontAwesome
  • Set an explicit width and height on images to reduce layout shifts and improve CLS

If you know these are issues with your page performance or want us to provide you with an audit, reach out today!

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The Process

We identify the issues, create a prioritized solution plan, and discuss it with you before we get started. We also take before and after screenshots of page performance so you can see the improvement from start to finish.

Recommended solutions are usually the same for every site but the implementation plan is typically unique and tailored to your priorities and the state of your site. Typical timelines for projects like this can be anywhere from 7-10 business days to 4-6 weeks depending on how involved the solution plan is.

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Technical SEO

What is Technical SEO?

In the simplest terms, technical SEO is related to how your page performs according to certain metrics and how easy it is for search engines to crawl and index your site. In other words, fixing these issues is similar to having a mechanic fine-tune your car's engine for optimal performance.

This also translates into how easy it is for your prospective customers to find you. If search engines have issues finding and/or loading your pages, your customers are also experiencing these same issues. We implement technical SEO solutions to improve your page performance, ensuring search engines can properly index your site and customers can easily find you and don't experience any issues with your site performance.

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SEO issues?
We can help!

SEO issues?
We can help!

We've helped many clients improve their Google PageSpeed scores and Core Web Vitals, optimizing their site for peak performance.

Reach out today to see how we can help you!

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