We get it, you’re not technical.

As a marketer, you’re expected to wear many different hats. Website development inevitably becomes one of them when your company decides to improve its digital presence.

Sure, you can review your site based on visual components (design issues, responsiveness renderings, misspellings, etc).  

But how can you do a technical review of your website without understanding anything about development?

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Leverage our expertise

Leverage our expertise

Because you’re not technical, you’ve proudly hired someone to help out … but now it’s on you to review it. How do you know everything is set up properly “under the hood” without knowing anything about coding languages?

We’ll assess your HubSpot Design Tools (including HTML, CSS, jQuery/javascript coding and overall template structure) and give you a nice list of items to present to your developers. Again, we’ll keep it a secret that you’re not technical.

Our review services give you the peace of mind that you won’t need to reconfigure everything in 6 months (when issues inevitably start to present themselves).

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HubSpot Agency Partner Directory Reviews

We've been a pioneer in HubSpot website design since 2012 and we’re one of the highest-rated HubSpot design agencies in the HubSpot Partner Directory. But don’t take our word for it:

“Working with Derick saved our website launch from a near disaster after a terrible experience with a freelance developer on Upwork (do not risk your sanity by using that site). The team at IDS was quick to jump in and get us set-up to ensure we hit our deadline on time. Derick has been absolutely fantastic to work with. Fast, flexible and friendly. I highly recommend this partner for development on the HubSpot COS.”

- Sharman Ghio, 3|SHARES

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